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Royal Pavilion,
The Supreme Office.

Date: 06.08.2019

JyothiyanikkaraFood , Water & Shelter

On 08.09.19 I have visited Jyothiyanikkara Temple, Chottanikkara. This Temple is about 181 Kilometers from Attingal, where the Supreme office head Quarters is Located. . Normally, I do the visit alone. This time my daughter Aswathy Jyothiraj and Wife was along with me. Jyothiyanikkara Temple is open to Devotees after 4 O’Clock, after Morning and Mid noon Rituals. I have reached the Temple around 1 O’Clock and spent time inside the Temple, in the Temple compound till the Sanctum is open at 4 O’ Clock, for the Public.

I entered the inner Temple, went around the Main idols in the Sanctum, and reached in front of the Priest who distributes “Prasadam”. Prasadam is what you get in return as a token , usually Holy water, flowers, some form of eatables, Sandal paste etc for the Prayers you offered and the Offering you made at the Sanctum. Various varieties of arrangements are available. At Jyothiyanikkara, the acceptance of Offerings for the Gods is at one Place, and the Return offerings to the Devotees, for the Gods present in them is performed at another location, near the Sanctum, by another Priest. In Jyothiyanikkara Temple, this arrangement is followed, not to disrupt the flow of Devotees in Front of the Sanctum.

I reached in front of the Priest, with the normal offerings for the Gods near him. He is sitting there to distribute Prasadam to the Devotees. My daughter was following me, My wife still far behind. Suddenly, a flock of small birds, of the size of Love Birds, came from behind started eating the Offerings set for the Gods. They were making happy sounds. I stood near that observing these. After taking enough, they looked at me and flew away. I realized they are Divine birds. Gods in the form of Birds. The Gods that travel in the Sky. I have been to this Temple, several times, about 40. This is the first time I am witnessing such a scene inside the temple. ( There is a rule such Gods should not be punished. Should know their Desire and full fill them.) The Temple people because of their ignorance have put roof net, so that Birds will not enter the Sanctum premises. Even then, the Tiny Birds about 5 or 6 managed to enter the Temple this time and accepted the Offerings, and flew away. in jyothiyanikkara, Nature worship is done, te worship of Adi Parasakthi. If Birds, even Tiny birds , part of the nature and cannot accept the offerings, then what form of nature worship they are doing , I do not Understand. May be true when they enter the temple, the inner premises of temple sometimes may get dirty. It is for cleaning such dirts more than hundred Employees at various levels are working there. Writing Receipts alone is not their duty. If specific allocation is not made so far, immediately that must be done and the net must be removed. I am sure no sensible person will agree, the Ancient Sages who started the system did the Worship of Nature, in the Form of Adi Parasakthi by putting Iron nets. So the present Practice is totally wrong and must be rectified at the earliest.

In my Home and Office premises at Attingal such Birds are there of various sizes. This type of Tiny Birds are also there. For several years whenever possible I feed them also. Recently in Jain Teaching, I found, you should find someone to feed, only after that you take your food. But my Mother has taught me, I should take food first and feed others. This is the teaching for me from Ancient Ages also. I should offer only what is acceptable to me.  That point I used to follow. The Jain teachings said, if they do not find anyone to feed, they will feed the Ants and then eat the food. I have also fed Ants several years regularly, outside my Home, inside the premises. The Birds of various types I mentioned come regularly to my compound. So I am very familiar with them. mainly 10 types of Birds Come here. They all bring different Devathas (Gods)

Tiny Birds mainly come in the Morning. Gradually, the size of the Birds coming will Increase. Some of the Varieties will come only in the Night. If I do not present in the office in time, and some important matter is there , some of them will start hitting on the glass window. If some important decisions are to be taken and I do not get up in the Morning, some of them will start singing in very Beautiful Voice. If still I do not get up , they sing in still louder Voice. All of them are welcome here , so far as they follow the Rules of the Clan, Common Interest, and not against the Supreme office.

I kept on thinking what they are trying to tell. I got the message. Inside the Temple the Priests keep the Offerings. From this they have accepted. Normally, when from the Temple, the offerings are set, they will keep some water also along. This is usually done in a Kindi, a form of Pitcher. For Birds to drink from Kindi is difficult rather impossible. Hence are not getting water from the Temple. In my Home and office I have kept, water in open vessel for the Birds to drink. But because of the interference of the Government and the people without much knowledge in the Temple affairs, that practice is not there, In Chottanikkara temple. There are no such restrictions in My Place, Jyothiyanikkara. ( Jyothi’s Place ), at Sreepadmam, Attingal. But when such Devathas (Gods) visit the ancient sites also, it is appropriate to provide Water also in convenient settings.  Hence the appropriate rearrangements may be made to place an open vessel from which the Birds can drink water along with the Offerings.  

A similar Incident happened here at Trivandrum also, last month. At Trivandrum there is a Temple ” Idiadikodu Bhagavathy Temple”. I have Visited this Temple about 24 years before. The second time I visited last Month. Normally, when I enter the Temple, I go round the Temple at least once, like the they do when the planes are landing. This time also I did and reached in front of the Temple. Then I suddenly saw a Large Mouse running towards me keeping its path along the Compound wall on the Road side. The mouse looked Very happy without much distractions or fear. On seeing see such a large Mouse running without caring for others, I made some steps towards it and watched closely. That reached till the beginning of the Gate where I was standing , to the Underground Drainage pipe, turned back returned, reach near the Idol of the Snake Gods and turned away.

Now I got that message also. Mouse is considered to be the Vehicle of Ganapathi, the God of Beginnings and Ends, the Leader of the Society, the Remover of Obstacles. Ganapathy has parked his Vehicle in the Temple Compound itself. But the Mouse has to go out to get food. Moreover, he has to depend on Drainage water to quench its thirst. The Mouse was very happy to see me to tell this. After conveying this it Ran away. So the Temple authorities must make necessary arrangements to keep water in a Vessel in the Temple Compound from which the Mouse can drink Clean water. The necessary arrangements for keeping food also must be done in the Compound. At present the temple is open for two days in a week, Tuesdays and and Fridays. To open the Temple on all days is advised. If it is not possible, There must be Feeding arrangements for Water and Food daily. The Divine Forces cannot come following the Rules of the Priests. Making such Basic Mistakes is one of the Prime causes of Down fall of India. It is according to the needs of the Divine Forces, the Temple practices must be arranged. I hope The Temple Authorities will make necessary Arrangements at the earliest.  

Before concluding, one more suggestion, The Arrangements to be made in Jyothiyanikkara Temple, at Chottanikkara Temple have already been discussed. Along with that, some arrangements at a Height, not normally approachable by Humans must be made for the Birds to take rest. Cleaning facility by sprinkling water also must be made. At Attingal, I have provided these facilities Particularly for Tiny Birds, if they want to stay back in Night. I hope the Temple Authorities will incorporate these suggestions at the earliest.

Similar convenient facility for Mouse also is to be provided at ideadikodu Bhagavathy temple.

At Chottanikkara , they used to keep a an elephant, not regularly. But I have seen several times, the Elephant standing on the open yard. Usually the elephants salutes when it is given a signal by the Mahout or the Elephant keeper. Once I visited the temple, I have seen the Elephant placed near the main path and when I Reached near the Elephant, the Elephant saluted me without getting any signal from the Mahout, in fact the mahout was nowhere there. After that incident, the Elephant is yet to be seen in the Temple compound. Chottanikkara temple under government administration ( Originally it is a Private temple) telling they are doing nature worship, worship of Adi Parasakthi, but do not have any of these facilities at present at the temple and do not allow the entry of Gods in the Temple also. At the same time, they Charge heavy fees for doing various Worship activities. At the Supreme Office we did not get any Financial benefits because of their Activities of the Chottanikkara Temple Administartion. So now you may imagine the motive of the Government and others behind the Temple activities.

Do not have the impression that the Divine forces are your Servants to obey your Orders and rules, like Birds should not enter the Temple, or come through the Doors to accept the Offerings, the Vechicle of Ganapathi has to drink Drain water etc. It is because of such thinking, the Servant status of Indians do not get removed. Probably, because of that fault in India, the servant status of people spreading to other parts of the World. There were often Complaints from even India Prime Minister with tears, some times back about such situation in India in a Media Conference in USA. Now I hope I have given the Reason.

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