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Date: 31.07.2019

Mumbai Travelogue

From 27.08.19, 5 AM to 31.08.19, 10 AM Jyothiraj Brahmanandan traveled about 101 hours, about 3500 Kilometers. He went upto Mumbai, the Business Capital or the Financial Capital of India, stayed there for 51 hours and returned. He traveled in Car, Plane, Auto Rickshaw, Train etc.

During the entire Journey, the behavior of Security personnel at Thiruvananthapuram was observed to be Rude. A short fall in proper training. May be they have to tackle offenders. But behaving to everyone coming to Airport as if they are all Terrorists is a bad Approach. This requires immediate Correction.

This time he traveled in Indigo Airlines A320 Aircraft. Before this he had traveled in two other Airlines. King Fisher and Jet Airways. By now, both of them have stopped flying. These indicates there are serious errors in the Accounts of Airlines. I think they have policy of giving me service, as a once in a Life time affair. There are several of my friends who travel between United Arab emirates and Trivandrum, on a Monthly basis. Some of them commuted between Bangalore and Trivandrum on weekly basis also. I think, now the Airlines are clear about their Mistakes. So till they correct their mistakes, their Accounts have been put in abeyance.

From Trivandrum to Bangalore, it is about 75 Minutes Journey. Sreedhar was the Captain. Kili and Sagarika were also in charge. They served good Quality tea during Flight. At Attingal, a cup of tea Costs around 10 Rupees. Premium tea may cost around 30 rupees. During Flight they Charged 100 rupees.

From Bangalore to Mumbai it is about 2 hours Journey. Ravi and Bajaj were in the cabin. During flight they announced we were travelling around 36000 feet above sea level. There was another announcement telling Indigo Airlines is the 13th punctual Airlines in the World. True to their announcement, they maintained time and reached Mumbai, before schedule.

UBER Taxi service provided conveyance from Airport to the Hotel. At Mumbai, for two days he stayed in a OYO (Own Your Own Room) Budget Hotel. There was not any disturbances during stay. The Employees were sincere and cooperative.

In the after noon went out for a while and was forced to think, how the Mumbaikars are living. He got into a Good Hotel for Food. To find a Dish below 300 rupees was difficult. Good amount of Money is their in Mumbai, but how can a common man can afford all these, I was kept thinking about this after that.

The Cleanliness of many parts of the City was wanting.

There were two incidents of Rash Driving in front of him, both by Two wheeler riders. No accidents were found in 51 hours on the Roads.

No Rush of Ambulances with their Blazing Siren was seen on the streets in 51 hours.

No Child Labor was found in Mumbai city in his 51 hours stay.

Good amount of Traffic also on the Roads. With nobody to control, still the entire city was buzzing with traffic. During the entire stay in Mumbai, I could find only 5 Jeeps of Policemen in uniform, in 51 hours. This was a real Wonder.

Mumbai is moving ahead. But this was not the situation some years before. I have read in a book, when an IPS (Indian Police Service ) officer Sivandan was the Police commissioner, he heared in the TV, a woman Crying, she is not sure about her Husband went for working return back home. This was the general felling of most of the women in Mumbai. Police Commissioner Sivanandan was taken aback. He thought, every month we are taking home sizable amount of Money and Facilities, still the Women have such a pitiable state. It is the Police Crackdown under his leadership, that brought Mumbai under control. Now I think, the situation is moving back.

Next day I spent some time in Linking street. About 35 minutes spent inside the Bata shop. Some attractive varieties could be seen. After my last visit to Delhi, the Bata shop there and returning back, Bata has started a new Show room, a Very Large show room , about 3 times space that of Delhi and Mumbai shops, at Attingal. Now here also most of the varieties are available.Probably the sales are yet to pickup. Many other Companies are also following, to open their show rooms at Attingal. Since space is limited in the main area, most of them have to settle away from the town.

Another 40 Minutes I spent inside Mccafe, the coffee shop of McDonald’s.

When Visiting these shops, I have seen a Poster pasted on the Walls reading ” This shop premises is Fire Compliant”. The Authorities have done Fire Audit and issued the Certificate. Good Practice. I recommend this practice should be implemented at the earliest in all places in India. Since this can be done simultaneously in all places, the work can be finished in very short period of time. Every year the certificate should be renewed.

It may be made mandatory the Fire Compliance Audit in Residential Buildings also. Every year this should be renewed as a prerequisite for remitting Tax. This also must be implemented throughout India.

When I was moving through the streets, I have observed lot of lights in the shops and streets. In all these places an Energy Audit should be conducted and a certificate similar to that of Fire Compliance should be issued. This also should be made mandatory throughout India. During this audit, recommendations for Energy savings must be given and only on following those guidelines, the Certificate must be issued.

Following these , steps may be taken to do energy Audit in all house holds, and based on the lessons learned, recommendations may be given to House hold for energy savings. This should start from the Construction Stage.

Similarly, the energy Audit must be done in all Homes also., throughout India and recommendations for Energy conservation must be given. By doing followup the implementation of these recommendations also must be ensured.

From 9 O’ Clock in the Night I spent about 75 Minutes inside Phoneix Shopping Mall. Many shops are open till 12 Midnight, it was displayed there. When I entered at 9, I could find several Lady staff in the shops. Even when I got out of the shop and standing near the Exit, several of the lady staff were leaving, in Taxi, into the dark streets, one by one. I could not understand why the Government is allowing the lady staff to remain on duty in such a Metro City, at late hours. That is a very wrong practice, I could notice in Mumbai. Do not allow Mumbai to slip away. In the night also I could not find any policemen on the streets, except a Traffic Policeman. Till 11 O’Clock in the night I was on the streets.

For proper functioning of the Government, Sainyam (Military, Police ) is a must. In the entire stay, I could find only 5 Jeeps of Police in 51 hours. Lack of presence of Police, the law enforcement agency is noted as a serious drawback in the Government system. For proper functioning, the Government (King) requires 7 Parts (Members, Limbs), one among them is Military, Police. Without enough strength to the Police, one of the Limbs , indicates Lack of Proper Governance.

This may be an internal problem of Maharastra. But when you have a clear perspective you will realize the Gravity of the situation. Pancreas is a small organ on the Right side of the Human body, along with the liver. If it do not function properly, you have diabetes. which will affect the entire body, with several diseases. Similarly, Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, on the Right side of India , the Financial capital do not function properly, the entire India will be affected with several Severe Problems, including Financial Problems. Not only that, just like when a person is affected by Diabetes, all members of the family are also affected at least mentally and Psychologically, if they are sincere to the person. Similarly, when India is affected, several other countries are also affected, since they have to coexist in the World. In such a way the life force is running through the country and the World. So in your own interest and in the interest of the entire World, India and Maharashtra have to rectify the Mistakes at the earliest.

The next day, the 3rd day in Mumbai, morning, I visited Sree Nava Nath Temple, in Powai. After 30 years. I am visiting this Temple for the Second time.

In Powai, NITIE, I visited one of my friends from Attingal, who is now a Senior Professor.

My First visit to Mumbai was in 1979, as a Final year Engineering Student, during Annual All India Tour. After that I visited Mumbai 5 times. This is the sixth time I have visited Mumbai. During my second visit, There was some problem with the Return Journey. The train was not available. I was on an official visit. At that time I was not eligible for Air Travel. Only the Director was eligible for Air Travel. Even then I paid money from my pocket to get an Air Ticket. I could not get the Ticket. Then the only option left behind was to Travel by Bus , about 1450 Kilometers travel. It was really tiresome Journey. But when I was travelling through Mumbai – Pune Highway, I saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. The entire Mumbai city by Night, Like a Bowl full of stars . That sight I still remember. May be prompted by my subconscious mind, the inner self or the Divine, I traveled two more times in the same route, in the same manner, to view the sight. This time I left by Train at 1535. I could not find any stars in Mumbai. The Train had 10 + 2 AC Coaches. I got a birth in the 3 Tier AC Bogie, seat number 15. So this time only upto 3 Tier AC Journey was approved, subject to corrections. The 2 Tier AC Accounts of Indian railway are made invalid.

Before Leaving Mumbai, I purchased 4 news papers. When I opened The Indian Express, There were some Interesting Figures about a Survey among police personnel, in India. Since it is very interesting and critical, the salient features are reproduced here.


  1. Politicians — 38% (Always) 34%(Sometimes) 13% (Rarely), 11% ( Never)
  2. Seniors in Police — 32% (A), 37 % (ST), 16% (R) , 13% (N)
  3. Media — 20 % (A), 30 % (ST), 24% (R), 22% (N)
  4. Common Public — 14% (A) , 28% (ST), 27% (R), 29% (N)
  5. NGO and similar — 14% (A), 27% (ST), 24% (R), 29% (N)
  6. Judiciary — 14% (A), 22% (ST),18% (R), 40% (N)

For two hours, I went round the CST (Chatrapathi Central Terminal) Railway station. More or less well maintained. In most of the shops and in the Train I found a message ” No Bill – The Food is Free ” In many places I purchased , but they did not give any bill. So I got the Food Free. But I do not know, in which account they included the Money I paid.

One of the most attractive features in Mumbai station and several other stations was the Drinking water supply system. With a Water filling machine, they were dispensing cold water . If you have a container you will get good quality 300 ml water for one Rupee. One liter costs 5 rupees. If you want the container also , then it is 8 rupees. Good system. Credits Approved. Normally , the water in the City and else were costs 20 rupees per Bottle for one Liter. The Rail water supplied by Indian railway costs 15 rupees.

Then I entered the Toilet to pass Urine. the person in charge allowed me to enter the Toilet. When I got out of the Toilet, I inquired , how much I have to pay? He said Sir Whatever You feel like, you pay. Very good system. If you feel like passing Urine, pass the Urine and if you feel like paying anything , Pay that amount. He was very happy with the amount I paid.

When I entered the Train, what greeted me was the Pungent smell of the Toilets. For several hundred times I have traveled by train in the last 40 years. Whenever I traveled, this Pungent smell was there. I do not understand, with all these developments in Technology and cleaning facilities, why the Indian Railway is not able to eliminate the Dirty Pungent smell of the Toilets. In contrast, the Toilet at the central station used by hundreds of people everyday was Clean without bad smell. The defect in the train Toilets require immediate correction.

When the Train started, a young man, fellow passenger who occupied the seat opposite to me had some discussions with me, He is doing Post doctoral research in Israel and has come for an Interview in Mumbai. He is there till the Finish of the Journey.

By 1955 Hours, the Train reached Pune. There was a stoppage of about 25 Minutes there in Pune. I got out of the Train to have a feel of the real Pune, through which I passed four times before, A group of Keralite persons boarded the Train from Pune, Reshmi a young Lady and a group of her Relatives, headed by her Uncle. She is coming to Kerala for the House warming ceremony of the House her father Built. But in that group she did not Get a Birth. She got only a RAC (Reservation Aginst Cancellation) Seat. So she cannot sleep in the Night. Till we reached her place in Kerala, her Birth was not Confirmed. But Reshmi, slept well, her uncle an Engineer, Radhakrishnan, took the turn. He kept awake in the seat. In the second day he got some additional wisdom from somewhere and slept on the Floor in between the two seats. When every one gathered at the time of getting down, the young man was telling Reshmi became the most famous person in the Bogie. Whenever, a new Ticket examiner entered the Bogie, her Uncle will follow him and inquire, whether Reshmi’s Birth is confirmed. So everyone became familiar with Reshmi. When they were about to get down she sang a beautiful song calling Krishna. The Indian Railway, Mumbai – Kanyakumari Express , delivered Reshmi at her place, one stop before where I have to get down. ( In this world the Birth is confirmed only after Delivery )

The Train left Pune at 2020.

Just like in the Delhi Journey, I searched for what they are doing with waste in the trains. There was an inbuilt box. But that was not sufficient. Then I found, they have attached big waste disposal bags inside the Bogie. In the previous Journey I found the waste disposal people, dumped the waste collected in the Baskets on to the track, next day Morning. At that time I made a suggestion, the waste should be properly collected and disposed of with trolley or other mechanism to a suitable place. This time I found that system was implemented. I found, When the bags are full, they tied it with a string, so that the waste will not spill on to the Tracks. I hope the further works are also streamlined. Good work. Credits approved.

But on further Journey, when the Train was stopped at one station, I got down and strolled in the Platform. A lady sweeper was cleaning the Platform. She reached near my Bogie. There was an Empty Drinking Water bottle lying on the platform. The lady sweeper, like a Golf Player hitting the ball with the stick, gave a prompt hit to the bottle with her mop into the Tracks. Why they are doing this Double work, I did not understand. Now somebody else must come and pick up the bottle from the Tracks and dispose off properly. If she could have picked up the bottle in the First instance itself during her Cleaning, the work would have been finished there itself. Many people retain their habits in the previous Birth. She might have been a Golf player in the previous Birth. In Golf She hits the ball into the hole only. The Caddy, her assistant picks up the ball. The same she does in this Birth also!!! Immediate attention is required to rectify such defects in the system. There are several thousands Sweepers doing Cleaning work in Indian Railways. If everyone is functioning like this, Creating unnecessary work, imagine how much Money is being paid everyday to meet that additional Work.

Another new feature I found in the train was an SMS based maintenance system. When a passenger feels he needs some assistance, he can SMS to a particular number with the appropriate Code from the list available in the Bogie and the PNR number so that the maintenance personnel will come and attend the same. Good System. Credits approved.

Along with this, I am making another very important suggestion. Indian Railways is the largest organisation in India, probably in the World also. They are carrying Millions of People everyday. There are several Long distance Trains also. None of these Trains at present have a system for Medical Help. When there is some need, and if found urgent, the Train will be stopped in the nearest railway station, and the medical help is sought. If doctor by way of passenger is available, their service is also utilized. But Minor problems of the passengers go unattended. They have to suffer inside the train, till the end of the Journey. I am making a suggestion, A member of the Railway with proper training for First Aid and if necessary to give some more attention must be made part of each train, at least in Long distance and important trains with necessary equipment and Medicines. Probably a well trained Nurse may be sufficient. He may be given a Mobile phone and the number must be displayed in each Bogie, so that, the passengers who require help can contact by SMS or by a call so that he can render help. He may be connected to a Doctor outside the Train, so that in case if he requires additional help, on line prescription through Mobile Phone can be availed. In this age where most of the people are affected by lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Stress related problems, head Aches , Fever and the like are travelling and it may happen, they require some urgent attention or medication, this is required. When the Indian railway is being modernized, these types of Modernizations are also required.

Yet another suggestion my part is some arrangement for making Financial Transactions using ATM Card/Credit Card must be included in the Train services. A full fledged ATM is not necessary, A person in charge with some cash and a Ticketing machine is sufficient to do this work. If necessary, money generated in pantry Car can be recycled and finally the accounts can be settled. This is a much needed change in the Modern times, where increased number of people are using Plastic Money.

Now almost all passengers carry Mobile Phones. It may happen, they may have to Recharge the Phone, particularly in case of passengers on long distance trains. The well prepared traveler will always try to carry enough balance, even then it is good practice to provide , the facility of doing recharge in the train itself., just like giving Water, Food etc inside the train. This Suggestion may be given serious consideration.

On second day Night around 10 O’ Clock two girls approached me and said, Uncle, we have only one Upper Birth , Can you exchange your Lower Birth with us. Seeing their condition I agreed. I said I have two seats 15 & 16 in night to make my birth, that they can avail. They became very happy. I told them they should keep my Luggage , since I cannot carry it to the Upper Birth. They agreed. I also told them not to leave without informing me and gave my number to call me before they leave. They told me they are going to Ernakulam and the Train will reach their by 5 O’Clock. I went up ahead of my usual sleeping schedule, since there was no seats available for me to sit. At 0445 they made a call and I came down. I inquired what they are doing and they told me they are first year MTech Students in Civil Engineering Structural Class, in Velloor Engineering College. I asked them how many students are there in their class. They told me 64!!!. I again asked how many students are there in the College. They answered so many, they do not have any idea. This is the case with most of the Students. They lack the number sense !. I asked them whether they travel weekly to their place and they replied , it is their First Journey after joining the College. For me also it was my First experience to exchange my Seat/ Birth with some one. So far no body requested and I have not exchanged also. Both of them got down at Ernakulam. Not only with Students, the Engineering Teachers also do not have much Number sense. They cannot go beyond No 3. Hence with all nook and crook, they will try to achieve whatever possible in 3 chances, like Vamana, in the form of a Brahmin, cheated Mahabali, the Best King that Ruled Kerala, with his 3 step strategy. They believe beyond Teacher’s number 3, there is no other number like 4,5 etc. I have not told them such numbers are there. Rather , they do not have entry there. At 3, when the cheating is unearthed by the Management, their Fuse Blows off, rather they are incapacitated. So far the Keralites and India did not realize, even after so much hardships , that what Vamana did was Cheating and the Real management at the Supreme Office do not tolerate Cheating. Vamana in the form of a young Brahmin approached the King of Kerala Maha Bali and requested for land of three feet Measurement for him to sit do Worship. Mahabali Agreed. When all arrangements were made, Vamana Grew in size and measured the entire earth with one foot, heaven with another foot and asked where I should place the third foot. Mahabali, to keep his word, told him to put it on his head. Vamana Pushed Mahabali to the nether World and hence ended his rule in the World. This type of cheating are being done nowadays also. Sage Bhrigu has clearly laid out that giving everything in Dana (Charity) is foolishness and they should be treated as Grave sinners. His son Sukracharya Guru of Mahabali tried to prevent the Donation by Mahabali. Even then Mahabali went on to do the Donation died and went down. Sage Bhrigu Clearly says, when someone is attempting to Take your life, Whether he be a Brahmin or your Guru, Kill him on the Spot, without further thinking. This is a Lesson, the Keralites and the Indians yet to learn to bring up their standard of living and make progress in your life and the Nation. All these years the Teacher devoted Indians were under going this type Cheating and was suffering Hardships.

After that the last phase of Journey by Train this time started. One by one, people started getting down. Reshmi and group also got ready to get down. Then the young man told, today is Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Sachin is coming. He is coming by Plane. I thought, from my place at Attingal, there is only 120 kilometers to Alapuzha. Even though I have passed through Alapuzha several hundred times, traveled through the Back waters in Alapuzha two times, In the last 61 years, I have not seen the Nehru Trophy Boat race. But Sachin from Mumbai is coming by Plane as Chief guest for the event !!!

Now it is time for Reshmi and Group to get down. All of us got down from the Train. When the Whistle went up, I have handed over my Visiting Card to RadhaKrishnan, waved and got back into the Train. Now we only three persons in the Compartment. The Youngman Dany, who is working in Israel, another person working in Merchant navy, and me. I asked the name of the person working in Merchant navy. He was there from Mumbai and he replied , Nandu. I asked further details, he said he Belongs to Trivandrum, Kerala Capital, has already visited, Japan, China and England. Coming after First 9 Months in Sea and he worked in the Engine side. I said the name of my Nephew is also Nandu, who is in Sweden at present. For both of them I have handed over my visiting Card and started moving towards the door to get down. The train reached exactly in time like the old saying ” As punctual as Indian Railway”

When I got out of the Railway station, a taxi driver approached and told, Sir taxi Available. I asked the rate and he said Rupees 15 per Kilometer, and added the rate is same throughout Kerala. I asked what will be the total amount to go to Attingal and he replied you have to pay up and down fare, 38+38 = 76 kilometers. So now 38 more Kilometers for me to Finish the Journey. I agreed started the Journey around 910 and reached My home and Office by 1010.

When I am about to complete writing this travelogue , Indian Railways have announced for its 1152000 employees a Bonus equal to 78 days wages. For the last 6 years, they are getting the Bonus at this rate.

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