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Ebook on Effective learning methods

Are  you Facing Learning Difficulties?

Do you feel the pressure of Huge workloads in Learning?

Do you feel short of time to cope up with learning?

Do you fear Examinations?

If your answer is yes for any of this questions, come to us.

We will show you the way.

EBook on effective learning methods by Jyothiraj Brahmanandan, Master Black Belt (Six Sigma) will show you the way.


If you know how to ride a bicycle, you can move fast. otherwise, the bicycle is a liability for you.
If you know how to operate a computer, you can process the information very fast, otherwise all your efforts with the computer is a waste.
If you know how to operate a TV you can get information very fast.
If you know how to operate a phone you can exchange information very fast, otherwise the device is useless and you are at a disadvantage.
Generalizing, if you know how to do a certain thing, you can do it very fast and effective manner, otherwise you are in trouble.


Similarly, if you know how to learn properly, you can study easily, very fast and in effective manner.

You are facing trouble because,  you were not told by anyone how to study properly and effectively.

Go through the eBook,

Learn a few fundamental steps in learning well within 30 days and become a Better Learner, A Smarter learner.


If you’re not benefitted and satisfied, return the eBook WITHIN 40 DAYS and we will refund the entire amount (Less postal commission), without asking a question.

When you send the money, we will send you the username and password. Using this you can login and view the Ebook.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

The eBook is priced at Rs 300/-($6 International price). You can pay by PayPal.

In India you can pay by MO/DD in our contact address.


A Perfect gift for any student. Young or Old

This is an investment benefitial to the entire Life time.

A better opportunity you cannot get.














Irrespective of the magnitude of the problem, approach the problem with all necessary preparations- Ancient Sage Chanakya (BC324-300)

(Lion begins the chase only after ensuring the capture of the prey)


The most valuable proven success method you will ever learn is (1) Do everything you should do.(2) when it ought to be done (3) whether you like it or not.


The proven success methods of men and women through history who achieved greatness, wealth, power and fame – all were simple practical commonsense methods. There is nothing neither difficult nor complicated about being successful- Success is simply learning how – then constantly using what you have learned.


The surest way to success is to use that proven success methods of those who have proven the methods to be successful. The bigger their successes, the more dependable are their successes methods.


You will begin to get success as soon as you learn & use the fact that success itself is a specific study subject like mathematics, physics, spelling, physiology, Chemistry or any other study subject.


The reason people succeed slowly is that they concentrate on improving their job skills. The fact is that becoming more skillful is only one proven success method. Certainly it is necessary and important that you become more knowledgeable and skillful in your work. But that still is only one proven success method
(How you can get richer quicker- Kopmeyer)


If you want financial success you learn it from those who became rich or from a Consultant. Similarly if you want ultimate success in life, you learn it from those who attained ultimate success or those who give ultimate success. Now you need not have to depend on assumptions, presumptions, hearsays, ifs, buts and the like.


Simply being an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant or a politician in high position, do not entitle you automatically to ultimate success. But all these will provide better access and give better chance to attain ultimate success in life. It is up to you to decide.


To attain Ultimate success, just like any other field, you follow the rules of achieving ultimate success by confirming to the system.


Remember, the final aim of this life is to attain ultimate success. All activities and successes are to support and lead you to that. And there is chance for every one, depending on your past , present and future lives.



Always you must be aware of your current profile, your position, your powers and strengths, where you are living, your real friends, Whether the present time is favorable for you, and your income and expenses.( Ancient Seer Chanakya BC 324-300)

Write down your profile, your strengths and weaknesses, your core competencies.
Identify your threats, Opportunities available to you to progress, both present and projected into the future. Take steps to augment your strengths, take steps to remove the weaknesses, overcome the threats and take steps to explore the opportunities available to you.


This alone will put you in a better position on the road to higher success. Review this regularly.


Always it is not sufficient that you think you know. Put it down on paper.

For you to succeed easily your estimates and assessments must be realistic and accurate.

We provide assessments about the nature of present time, whether it is favorable or not.



Beginning is half done

Remember. You won’t start winning without a beginning. Begin Right now.

If you have a goal in mind, do something about it. Don’t wait too long for the “right” time, because that rarely comes. In most cases, the time is now. To achieve anything, you have got to start some place. Pick a starting point and work from there. The thing to do is to take a decision. Take the first step in any direction. Once you are involved, you will get something done. Remember that the longer you take to make a decision, the closer you get to make no decision at all.


Believe that no matter what your problem, Somehow, Somewhere, Someway, some time there is someone who has the key of wisdom to set you free.


Educate yourself. Don’t be tempted as many, to take shortcuts, to avoid the hard years of serious study .The training may be a grind. But those who are lazy to learn, who never gain knowledge they could have, weaken their chances for success because knowledge is power. Ultimately the knowledgeable person who has the right answer is the one who will impress the powerful people.



When your goals and the overall goals of your organization do match, there is synchronization and a synergic resultant is produced. You can achieve your Goals smoothly and with least efforts. Similarly if your objectives match with the Divine plan, there will be Synchronization and synergic resultant will be produced and your goals will be realized smoothly.



You can know the divine plan from the records of MahaRishis written with your name on palm leaves thousands of years before. You can know the details even if you don’t know your birth details. We also provide the service with basic scripts of Maharishis and our own judgments for correction purposes once you provide your name and birth details. If you confirm to what you are destained you neednot worry much. These are services very much affordable to any one.


If you cannot reach these two, get your horoscope written by a reliable source.
Another method is by trial and error. If you feel comfortable and get favourable results, you are more or less on correct path. But these are not sure ways to ultimate success compared to above methods. But they do provide a beginning .Sufferings not always a negative aspect.You Remember it is with several years of intensive study people get qualified as Engineers, Doctors Etc.You have to start somewhere. So start right now.



5. Visit Brahmajyothi Learning


Congratulations. You are going to get money.

It is not by minting money you get rich.

When you give food to the roots of a tree and tend it properly, its Branches will flourish with fruits. When you give food to the Cow and tend it properly, it will give milk. It is not at the place where you feed the food and do tending, the fruits of action occur. Understand the process and become rich. When you forget/neglect the Roots (Routes also), the entire Tree(The system) collapses. If you do not feed the roots, do not take care, you cannot expect fruits at the Branches. Very often there is a time delay between the two happenings.(The feeding and the result, non feeding and the collapse). Even a cut/a major damage in one of the Main roots will have the collapse of the entire system.. The Roots constitute  Brahma System.

1. When you get Money, keep an account of your Income and Expenses.

2.  When you get money make a Budget in Advance and check regularly your spending.

3. When you get money, first pay yourself. Set aside 10% for God, poor and the  needy. Also for presents. Make this your first Expense. If you don’t pay them promptly, they will stop working for you.


4. When you get money set aside 10% for compulsory savings, which cannot be used under normal circumstances.

5. When you get money, spend money on acquiring assets regularly.

6. When you get money, don’t live below your means, also don’t live beyond your means.

7. When you get money, spend money on those activities which will give you Financial on activities which will give More for Less.


8. When you get money, spend money on quality activities and products.


9. When you are faced with adversity don’t cut your expenses. That is like cutting off your veins.  Spend Money meaningfully.  Find out reasons for failure and improve your Income.


10. Money doesn’t produce money. Update your Knowledge regularly.

These are lessons learned in the Hard School of Life called Experience.

It is not always by becoming financially rich, you become an ultimate success in Life. All our activities and services towards ultimate success in life are affordable to anyone in the world. Right actions from any corner will be rewarded.


Sooner or later you acquire the required knowledge use the same and pass the tests, you are on your way to success, to ultimate success.


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