Missing Links and Visible Hands is the Modern office in the Royal pavilion, doing Consultancy, training, and Audit in the areas of Industrial Engineering And Management.


At present we are offering Six Sigma Consultancy and training. These programmes are result oriented and result assured programmes. During Training itself the participants will be made capable to solve problems and show results. The amount spent on training will be greatly offset by the financial results that generated by improvements. The Six Sigma quality standard is 3.4 defects per Million opportunities.


Initially you may not be able to achieve this result, but over time you can. You have a hidden company within your organisation turning out defective products and rework that account to about 40% of your expenses for an average Company. Atleast a small improvement in this area will greatly affect your Performance.


Come to us , say Good bye to Business Pains.

For Six Sigma Solutions developed in Royal Pavilion, Visit the Innovation centre



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