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1. Longevity(Life Span) Assessment

2. After Death Assessment

3. Know your Liabilities

4. Horoscope Casting

From the Pavilion you can get pavilion help to know about your life and reasons & remedies for difficulties in the present birth. The diagnosis and analysis are based on most reliable methods which are developed by ancient seers like PARASARA, BHRIGU, VARAHAMIHIRA, SAPTHARISHISand those give results in line with thier sciences. these techniques were developed more than 5000 YEARS before . In this science & art of astrology,  your life in this world is decided mainly by disposition of 9 planets and 27 stars in 12 signs of zodiac, at birth. by properly decoding we can get accounts about past, present and future life. The influence of these planets ,  stars and signs of zodiac on living beings are governed by same rules through out the world.  Hence the results will also be similar. Probably this is the ONLY ASSESSEMENT SYSTEM FOR COMPLETE ASSESSMENT OF LIVES (ALL EVENTS FROM BIRTH TO DEATH AND BEYOND) THAT SURVIVED such a long period. in astrology THE RULES OF JUDGEMENT HAVE NOT CHANGED SINCE INCEPTION. Hence assessment of all cases from the very beginning till todate throughout the world can be done with the same yardstick. Any rectification done at any point of time can be incorporated uniformily to all the cases. HENCE THE SUCCESS OF ASTROLOGY- THE STRENGTH OF THE ROYAL PAVILION. Along with this we use all science and arts that come handy and useful for rectification.


OFFICE OF THE CHITRAGUPTHA(KINGS&RULERS) This is a Sacred System based on Highest Spiritual Principles, run by the most trusted and Supreme office in the world. Contact us and use the system only if you fully believe in the system. You being learned ,we are providing Quick access over others. This is a special privilege we are giving you to enable speedy corrections. Otherwise the errors will continue to happen like in the past. You can verywell keep away if you do not believe in the system,as many do and suffer. But one day you will reach this office(After death). At that time dont expect us to make adjustments and Compromises, unless some of your close relatives or Associates take charge of you.

1.Longevity Assessment

When you go for a Journey , you should know in Advance how far you have to go. When you go for a Journey , you should know how much money you have with you. When you ride a vehicle you should know how much fuel you have. These things will enable you to plan your journey well in advance and achieve your objectives safely without much Hassel. If you have to do the job properly, you should know how much time is allotted to you.  Similarly, in your journey of life you should know how much life(Time) you have with you, so that you can plan accordingly. Your life span can be assessed based on principles of Ancient sages. Once your life span has been assessed from this office, that acts as an anticipatory bail against unexpected deaths. More over the life accounts assessed and recorded at this office are special category accounts with more security. If your dear ones are facing critical illness , the longevity assessments from this office will give more security  and chances of recovery.

Jyothiraj Brahmanandan is authorized to do longevity calculations  and maintain accounts by Sage Bhrigu and Sage Agasthya through their recordings .Get your Life assessments from the Genuine place, the supreme Office worldwide.

At present as a special offer we are offering  this for those in INDIA at a nominal rate of Rs 400 per person  only.

To get assessed you have to send money in advance , with your name , date of birth, time of birth and Place of Birth, in our contact address. Please contact over phone 9744142394 before that.


2. After Death Assessments & Corrections

It is based at this office,  the after death assessments of the rulers are being done, the accounts are examined & audited, the life is valued and being forwarded for future course of action.

The journey after death is not a Matter of Joke for the Souls. They have to pass through difficult and fierce 16 Trial Tracks in 16 Different worlds all alone before the final Trial. With the help of the Authenticated accounts of this office, we ensure safe passage of the Souls and attainment of Moksha (Liberation, final success in life.).

it is from here rectifications are given.
when the accounts of your relatives are blocked up or under valued,  sufferings will result. we can initiate rectification,
so that they can have a better future


FeesDepending on the severity of the case.

For Normal recording of death cases for priority treatment, call between 8PM and 9PM,IST, (9496392982) and  inform the death. The entry will be validated on receiving the specified fee by DD/MO/Paypal(jyothirajbrahmanandan@yahoo.com) to an amount equal to the age of the Dead person.




3. Know your Liabilities

Deep rooted problems are due to the liabilities from the past birth. If you want to achieve the full results of  actions in the present birth you have to clear the arrears of sins commuted in the past birth.  In this audit your liabilities in the present  birth due to sins in the past birth will be assessed and suitable remedial measures will be recommended to overcome or pacify the difficulties. Knowing the reasons for your sufferings could be the first step towards the solution.


Audit Fees Rs 2001 per case.




4. Horoscope (Your life profile)

This is a plan for your life decided by destiny and covers almost all areas of life activity like longevity, finance, education, relatives, property, diseases, marriage, employment etc.This is a vital document you should have like plan of your home and like project report of your business, to make progress in life. When you are facing some serious problem , it may be because of lack of valid horoscope. Just like you need a proper project report to get money, you need a valid horoscope to get money and make progress in life.

When we cast the Horoscope, we provide Fail Safe Guarentee. ie inspite of or assessments if something goeswrong in the life and mishap occures, we will under write the liabilities and will provide the final success. You will be  provided with priority treatment without any further assessment, since we cast the Horoscope examining your accounts.


Fees. 5001/- per Horoscope with fail safe guarantee.


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