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1. Key to Longevity

It is better to live a noble life for one muhurtham(one muhurtham = 48 minutes), than to live a lowly life for kalpakalam (kalpakalam = 432000000 man years)There is no use in living an evil life even for a kalpakalam – Ancient Seer Chanakya(BC324-300).


Remember- Ancient Maha Rishis , Seers have Limitless longevity. They still live in this world through their teachings and resultant actions.


Robust health & longevity at nominal expences


When your objectives and the overall objectives of the organization do match, there is synchronization and synergic resultant is produced. You could achieve your goals smoothly and with least efforts. Similarly, if your objective matches with the divine plan, there will be synchronization and synergic resultant will be produced. Same is the case with Health also. When you live following the laws of nature or live in unison with nature you will have better health and your objectives will be effectively met.


The human body derives the strength from nature. Any imbalance between the forces active in a human body and the forces active in nature results in sickness and diseases. To maintain the equilibrium of the said forces, one has to follow some simple rules with regard to Sleep, Rest, Fresh air, Sunlight, and clean habits.


It is the Vital force or the life forces within the body which keep one alive and act as a protector against the onslaught of all diseases. Hence the vital force of the human body has to be augmented to make one live well, in a robust health.


1. Get up Early in the Morning

To get good health and longevity, getup early in the morning, before Sunrise. This will put you in tune with nature which emerges from dormant life and become active. You could feel the Vital force recharging you. This is the time when all trees, all birds, all animals, all human beings leave its dormant life and enter into active life. Do some yoga exercises. Worship your Favorite deity preferably Sun god, since he is the main source of life to almost all living beings on earth. In a month get up early around 4 am at least once.


2. Sleep Well

Among the factors required for robust health foremost importance is give to Sleep. It not only gives sure ease from fatigue, but also replenishes the source of energy. Proper and adequate sleep is essential for health. One can easily do without food for one or two days, but not without sleep. Sleep replenishes the brain and the body; it relaxes the mind and the muscles, it charges the body with energy .The expenditure of energy during sleep is minimal. Make your bed comfortable to sleep, where you would like to be. Some people prefer to get early and some other to sit late. This is due to inherent genetic causes. Find out your sleep pattern and follow the same for comfortable sleep. If you find any problem, find out which pattern you followed when you were at high school. That is your original sleep pattern. After that the same got changed due to various reasons and the problems occurred. Another important factor to be remembered is that don’t take your problems to your bed.


How much sleep does one need?

Generally speaking, it can be said that one needs as many hours of sleep as with which one gets up fresh and is up and about doing the day. This varies from individual to individual and with age as well. Usually, it is between five and half to eight and a half hours per day.


How to sleep well?

The most important point is to recognize the factor that is causing mental tension and stress and to solve that so far as possible. In this regard smaller mental stresses are as important as the larger ones. Some sleep better when they take physical exercise in the evening. Regular habits, including that of sleeping at regular hours are very necessary.


3. Sunlight

After sleep, the Sunlight is what you need most. The sun is the source of light and energy to nature; naturally it also nourishes the human body and makes it strong. In naturopathy Sunbath is of vital importance. With just minimum clothing let your body soak the effect of sunlight. Don’t wipe the sweat after a sun bath. Let it dry normally. If you are unable to take normal bath regularly, it is better you do regular sponging of the body.


4. Fresh Air

And like sunlight, fresh and clean air is another source to vitalize a human body. One must keep one’s living and sleeping rooms well ventilated so that the fresh air comes into contact with the body all the time. All physical exercises, yoga etc. are the techniques to make your body breath in more fresh air.


5. Sufficient Water

Another essential requirement of human body is clean water. It is the cheapest and best cleaning agent. Drink it as much as you can. Remember the situation when there are not enough water supplies in your house or Factory or office. Same is the case with your body also. Drinking water an hour before and one hour after the meals helps the system to digest food efficiently.


6. Good Food

According to naturopathic principles the best food is one which is taken in the form in which nature provides it. Germinated cereals are an ideal food. A normal adult must consume at least 250 grams of salad per day. You may add lemon-juice and a little of salt in your salad to make it more tasty and palatable. The main constituents of salad can be cucumber, carrots, radish, onion, tomatoes, beetroot and cabbage. You can include as many seasonal fruits also, that are available locally. Keep the interval between two meals to be a minimum five hours or more. Have your last meal at least three hours before you retire for the day and go to sleep. Always chew your food as much as possible before swallowing it. An ancient belief of the old physicians of India – is to chew food at least 32 times, one chewing for each tooth.


7. Fasting

Fasting is one of the most potent factors in naturopathic cure. The main purpose of the fasting is to cleanse the body of all the refuse, hence poison. The period of fasting depends on many factors; the problem, your own age, weight and the like. When you do fasting for a day, have only water throughout the first day. The normal intake of water should be round 2.5 litres of clean water with a few drops of lemon. Then on the second day you can have a diet of very light soup, boiled vegetables and light fruits. Only from the third day, you can have your normal food.


8. Hot Feet Bath

Another important activity is to take hot bath of the feet, take a bucket full of hot water and immerse your legs up to knee in it. Make sure the water is not too hot or just lukewarm. Apply baby oil on your legs after feet bath. When you feel uncomfortable raise your legs slightly using cushion when you lie down. The entire weight of your body is carried by the legs when you stand and walk; give them due care and importance. You can have your normal bath after you have had your hot – feet bath. Try to do normal bathing as regularly as possible. Don’t stand in a very cool place the moment you step out of hot bath.


9. Exercises

Everyday set aide time to do some Physical Exercises.When you do the exercise , do it at a pace above normal level of activity, at Brisk Business Like performance. While engaging in such activities the entire system gets alerted and get tuned.If you are above the age of 40 consult your doctor before engaging in such physical exercises.


10.Pay your doctor to keep you well

Even if you do not have any major problems, visit at least once in a year , your family Doctor to consult your and your family’s Health.

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Like the calf that finds its own mother, even among thousand cows, results of your actions will reach you whatever be the time it takes. (Ancient Seer Chanakya BC324-300)

But you can make this seeking process simple by getting tuned to the system. And remember by doing malpractices you cannot escape from results of your bad deeds, you can only delay. All problems have four dimensions Physical, Mental, Intellectual, and Spiritual. In order to solve the problem completely you have to pass through all these phases. Astrology provides Mental Prop, and intellectual and spiritual interface, in a very cost effective way, to your problems. Try the following methods to get tuned to the system



Astrology is a very vast subject. This deals with the influence of planets and stars on the life of living beings. Astrology was practiced more than 4500 years before. This is the only assessment system for complete assessment of lives that survived such a long period. Here we are not discussing anything elaborate about the subject but fundamental principles to get tuned to natural vibrations.


You need not be a Design Engineer to operate a TV, computer or telephone. Only basic knowledge of the control mechanisms is sufficient in the day to day life. But if you know how to operate these devices, that makes your life easier. Similar knowledge we are trying to convey here.


I am convinced of the truth of what I am going to give, that I only ask you to give these rules a fair trial, and I am certain that you no longer ascribe the cause of your life to “chance”


Other than 27 stars and 12 zodiacs, the life on earth is mainly controlled by 9 planets, including 2 shadowy planets. In this 7 planets have lordship of 7 days in the week and rule the weekdays. Following are the weeks, the lordship, colors of the days and the number of each day.


Day Ruling Planet Colour Number
Sunday Sun Golden Yellow 1
Monday Moon White 2
Tuesday Mars Red 9
Wednesday Mercury Green 5
Thursday Jupiter Yellow 3
Friday Venus Mix of All colors 6
Saturday Saturn Black 8


On each day the respective Planet with Lordship will have more influence on the activities of the day than any other planet.


To get tuned to the day’s vibrations wear cloths of the color as indicated against each planet. You can use slight variations of color indicated against each planet Keep with you handkerchief, pen etc. of the colors indicated.


By Doing so you are simply wearing the uniform or following the dress code of the planet, getting tuned to the vibrations and moving fast ahead to realize your goals in synchronization with the divine will.


Also you can expect proper tuning in the corresponding number indicated against each day. For example you can expect more positive responses with no.1 on Sunday and no.3 on Thursday. Persons whose numbers match with these numbers will also have better tuning on respective days.


From the very first day you change to such a practice, you will feel your confidence building up and your plans moving ahead smoothly with speed and peace of mind.


Above all, this will give a self discipline which will form the foundation for your success in life.


When you follow such a procedure, you may find some of the colors you are not comfortable and some of the colors more favorable. Closely follow the favorable colors and discontinue the unfavorable colors. Further you can contact this office for selection colors based on detailed analysis based on other factors. But rigorously following all colors representing all planets have found to be more favorable in general. Even though a color may be unfavorable, that will happen only once in a week, you will have the opportunity to learn to overcome the difficulties.



You must have with you the blue print of Destiny or the Horoscope, so that you can focus your goals and dreams in your subconscious mind. Get it done from a reliable person. You can also check your destiny written by the divine Rishis available at Nadi centers. These serve as the project report of your life and continuous progress assessments. Once you are in line with the divine will, you need not have much to fear. In this age when you demand documented procedures for almost all activities, you have to follow the same in the case of your life also. If you have suffered any hardships in your life, it could be due to the absence of a valid Horoscope.



Wear a ring in which the precious gems of nine planets are embedded. This will again help you tune with the planetary influences. Women can wear it as a locket with their chain. After all by doing so you are rewarding yourself with a precious gift. You be the first to reward yourself. This will cost you some money. But like any other endeavor, only by investing in good causes you can progress to higher successes. You can also wear ornaments with selected number of birthstones also.






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