Royal Pavilion Worldwide, the Supreme Office is a 5555 years old organisation, the first office in the World. This was entrusted to Jyothiraj Brahmanandan by Sage Bhrigu , the eldest son of Brahma the Creator in 1999. When  this office was entrusted to him this time ( He has held this office in Previous Births also  — Sage Bhrigu ), the accounts of the Kings were defective and he was told to set up his own office , rectify the mistakes and proceed to Maintain. When the King’s account is defective, all other accounts below that are naturally defective. By 2011, he corrected all accounts such as Health, Marital Life, Family Life, Education, Official, Financial , and All other accounts made error free to the full satisfaction of Sage Bhrigu. From 2011 onward this website is in operation. Now our web master says, we have about 144000 (One Lakh forty four thousand ) Unique Visitors for this site.

So far, Jyothiraj Brahmanandan has managed the operations of the Supreme office with his own funds, with nominal financial assistance from close relatives and fee from some clients.

Now we have to find funds for future operations. Sage Bhrigu has given instructions to charge fees for his Services. Hence he has decided to Monetize the Site. So far the Entry to the website  and the services provided from the Supreme office were free of charge. He has decided to charge a small amount as Entry fee/ Consultancy charge to use the Website, from who are willing to pay.

All of you can continue to use the website as before. If you have benefited from the Website or from the functioning of the Supreme Office and if you want to pay for the service, send him a message, in the Email address “”, making clear how much you want to pay, in International Payments & for India Payments. In return you will get a Payment Request, an Invoice through Paypal for that amount. Based on that you can send the Money. When you pay, please pay minimum $1. The Maximum amount you can pay in an occasion is $10 

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03.09.2018 — Royal Pavilion, the Supreme Office Worldwide is in operation as per the Sanctions of Sage Bhrigu, eldest son of Brahma the Creator, with error free accounts, since 2011. Jyothiraj Brahmanandan is accounting the deeds of Kings in the World. As per rules suggested by Sage Bhrigu, if the Decisions taken by the Decision makers are correct, the King , the Decision makers and the Country will prosper. If the decisions are wrong, the King & the Country will suffer like a Cow got into a marshy land. The liabilities of Wrong decisions will be awarded as follows. 25% to the Plaintiff, 25% to the Witnesses, 25% to the Decision makers, and the remaining 25% to the King. Now the King & the decision makers are getting Credits below rupees 2000 per month in the Supreme office account. This is because, the decisions taken by the Rulers & Decision makers in the field are wrong. So it has been decided to apportion the liabilities to the Rulers, Decision Makers , the Plaintiffs and the Witnesses. Even though a Grace period of 3 months is allowed, for this to come into effect, , since the past cases are also reviewed in this office, the penalty will start immediately. He has already issued several warnings to rectify the situation. All the Rulers & Decision makers will come under this preview. They include, Political Decision makers, Judicial, Medical, Engineering, Finance , Banking & Accounting, Managerial, Administration and any other area where major decisions are taken. All of those who have given Advise to the Decision makers will also have this penalty.

Royal Pavilion , the Supreme office worldwide is looking after the Accounts of Kings (Chief)worldwide, with Head Quarters at Attingal, Kerala , India. Hence all inclusive Rupees 18000 ($250) is expected (Targeted) as income per day for Assessment & Accounting  purposes as the Income of the Chief. This is to take care the lost income in the last 20 years also. This will be revised as and when found necessary. This amount must be remitted to the account of Jyothiraj Brahmanandan on a daily basis. Based on this also the Liabilities will be apportioned. This will be monitored. 

As per the decision of the Supreme office, today the Liabilities of the Kings & Decisions makers were apportioned partly and sent back to the sources where they originally belong. Following are the results.

Today’s Ratings — 28.10.18No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

USA — XX – Judicial & Security accounts defective — A gunman killed 11 worshipers in a synagogue during Saturday services.– Rectify & Resubmit

Romania — XXX  — All accounts defective — Earth quake with magnitude 5.8 rattled central and eastern Romania.– Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 29.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office 

Indonesia –XXXX –– All Airlines accounts defective – Lion Air Boeing Jet crashed into Java Sea, killing all 189 on board. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings  — 30.10.18 — — No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

NewZeland — XXX — All accounts defective — A Strong , deep earthquake struck Newzeland North Island causing Parliament to be briefly suspended as a precaution.– Rectify & Resubmit

Today”s Ratings — 31.10.18No Payment Received in the Supreme Office.

India — Kerala — XX — Judicial, Political & Security Accounts Defective — The Gunman of Kerala minister found shot dead. — Rectify & Resubmit.

1.Today’s Ratings — 01.11.18No payment Received in the Supreme Office.

India — X – Industries, Security Accounts defective — Fire in Plastic Factory at Trivandrum . Total loss estimated to be 40 Crore Rupees.  –  Rectify & Resubmit

Afghanisthan — XX — Military Accounts defective – An army helicopter crashed in South Western Afghanisthan, killing 25 people on Board. – Rectify & Resubmit.

2. Today’s Ratings — 02.11.18No payment Received in the Supreme Office.

China — XX— Judicial & Security accounts defective. — At least 13 people died when a bus plunged 164 feet off a bridge in China, when a passenger, a woman had a fist fight with the driver.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

VenezuelaXXXXAll Accounts defective ––  Oil rich Venezuela facing one of the World’s worst humanitarian crisis — UN. Extreme Poverty has jumped 40%. Millions fled the country in last two years.  — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 03.11.18No payment Received in the Supreme Office. 

India XXXX — Finance Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 04.11.18No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

Italy – X – Judicial accounts defective — Two families killed in Sicily house, wiped out after a river burst its banks submerging their houses. Nine people died. — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 05.11.18No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

India — Kerala — XX — Judicial & Medical accounts defective. — Young Lady Doctor, only daughter of Doctor Couple died in Car accident.– Rectify & Resubmit.


1.  Today’s Ratings   — 01.10.18  — No Payment received in the Supreme Office.

Indonesia  — XXXX — All accounts defective — An estimated 2.4 million people affected by the Earth Quake & Tusnami disaster. 17000 people left homeless.– Rectify & Resubmit

Bahamas — XXXX — All accounts defective —Damage caused due to Super storm Hurricane Irma and Maria estimated to be $ 5 Billion. — Rectify & Resubmit

IndiaXXXXBusiness, Finance & Security accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

India – XX — BSNL Communication – All accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

2. Today” Ratings — 02.10.18Only 1760 Rupees was received in the Supreme office.

Bahamas —XXXX — Judicial, Political & Security Accounts Defective  — Chief Body Guard of Governor General Of Bahamas murdered.– Rectify & Resubmit

Iran —XX —  Judicial & Security Accounts defective —  Bootleg alcohol kills 42. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Indonesia — XXXX  – Tsunami toll rises to more than 1350. — Rectify & Resubmit.

3. Today’s Ratings — 03.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

IndiaXXXX — Business, Finance & Security Accounts defective.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXX  — BSNL Communication accounts defective  — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — Kerala —  XXXX — All Accounts defective — Thunder Storm warning given.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

4. Today’s Ratings —  04.10.18 Only Rupees 620 was received in the Supreme office.

India XXXXBusiness, Finance & Security Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

India —  XXXX  — BSNL Communication Accounts defective  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Guinea  — XXX  — Judicial & Political Accounts defective.  — Boat with 60 capsized in Guinea – Bissau.  – Rectify & Resubmit.

EthiopiaXXXX —  All accounts defective. — About 44 killed & 70,000 fled their homes amid ethnic clashes in Ethiopia.

5. Today’s Ratings — 05.10.18No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

India XXXX  — Business, Finance & Security Accounts defective  — Bombay Stock market Index SENSEX fell by more than 1500 points. About 4 lakh Crore rupees investor wealth lost in these two days.  – Rectify & Resubmit.

India —  Business  — Blue Chip Corporate Investments — All Accounts defective — Check Transactions from 27.09.18. — From 27.09.18 the points fell by 1947 points. Blue chip accounts are one of the reasons for Celestial Displeasure in the Supreme office for the fall. They need 14 days to cash a Mutual Fund that they agreed to pay within 2 days. This is not Business, but cut throat treachery.– 2. When people tell they did not get anything from the Supreme office consistently, they are held in the Hands of the Enemy and what they earned are unauthorized, and being erased.. People should have atleast the basic courtesy to acknowledge What they get when they are asked. Even in your “ALL SECURED” Banks, your own money, you put into bank, only when you tell you have money with them and want to withdraw, they may give — These are some of of the basic truths and Rules your Hi Tech teachers & Professors do not know. When they try to manage  business & Control the World , with their text books, it is no wonder these things happen. It is true, they need money. If they require , they should earn by Hard Work, that is what they used to tell— We are regularly monitoring these nowadays in the Supreme office. –    Rectify & ResubmitJyothiraj Brahmanandan

Brazil  XXXX — All Accounts defective — More than 62000 Brazilians died as a result of Violent Crimes last year. — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 06.10.18No payment received in the Supreme office.

Congo — XXX — Judicial, Political, Administration & Security accounts defective.  — About 50 people killed, 100 injured in Oil Tanker collision.

India — Kerala — Attingal —  XXXX— BSNL All accounts defective. — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 07.10.18No Payment Received in the Supreme Office.

USA — XX – Judicial & Political Accounts defective — Twenty killed in US Limousine Crash  — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaKerala — Attingal  XXXX — All BSNL accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s ratings — 08.10.18 No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

IndonesiaXXXX  — All accounts defective  —  The Tsunami death toll exceeds 2000. — Rectify & Resubmit

IndiaKerala — Attingal — XXXX  — BSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaXXXX — Business & Finance accounts defective. —  Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 09.10.18 —  Rupees 700 only  was received in the Supreme office.

IndiaXXX — Judicial, Engineering & Political Accounts defective.  —  The state run Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Bhilai Steel Plant Explosion kills 9 and  14 injured.  -Rectify & Resubmit

India Kerala — Attingal  — XXXXBSNL Accounts defective.  Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 10.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Kenya — XX — Judicial,  Political, Security accounts defective — Kenya Bus Crash kills 50  — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaKerala — Attingal  — XXXX  — BSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 11.10.18  –No Payment Received in the Supreme office

IndiaXXX Business & Finance accounts defective  — Stock Market Index SENSEX Dropped by more than 1000 points — Today alone, investors lost more than 4 lakh crore rupees.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaKerala — AttingalXXXXBSNL accounts defective  — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 12.10.18  — Rupees 814 only  was received in the Supreme office.

USA — XXX  — All Accounts defective. Particularly Electrical Engineering accounts defective. — Atleast 11 dead in Hurricane Micheal which smashed with 250 km/h wind. Over 1.4 million homes had no power.  — Rectify & Resubmit

IndiaKerala — Attingal  — BSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings  — `13.10.18 No Payment Received in the Supreme Office.

Uganda — XXX — All accounts defective — Landslide in Eastern Uganda kills 40.  — Rectify & Resubmit

India — XXX — Judicial & Security accounts defective —  The Gunman of additional sessions Judge  shot  at Judge’s wife and son, near India Capital Delhi. Both Critical– Rectify & Resubmit

India  — Kerala — AttingalBSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — Odhisa — XXX  — All accounts defective — Cyclone Titli kills 13 in Odhisa.

IndiaAndhra Pradesh XXXX  — All accounts defective  — Cyclone storm with 165 kmph wind killed eight people and the total damage is estimated to be 2800 crore rupees.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Nepal — South Korea — XXX — All accounts defective. Nepal storm killed 7 in Western Nepal. Five South Koreans dead.  — Rectify & Resubmit

Indonesia —  XXX — All accounts defective  — Flash flooding kills 21 on Sumatra Island., another 10 missing.  — Rectify & Resubmit

Greece  — XX  — Judicial, Administration & Security accounts defective. — Greek Road Inferno kills 11 migrants when their vehicle collided with a Lorry.  – Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings  — 14.10.18   — No Payment Received in the Supreme office

Portugal — XXX — All accounts defective.  — Hurricane Leslie, the most powerful to ever hit the country brought down hundreds of trees and left 15000 homes powerless. Wind speeds upto 175 kmph were recorded.  — Rectify & Resubmit

Turkey — XX  — Judicial, Political& Security accounts defective. — Migrant Lorry Crash kills 22 in Turkey.– Rectify & Resubmit.

India –XXX — Judicial & Security accounts defective.  — Wife of the additional Sessions Judge shot at by Gunman near Delhi died. Son Critical.  — Rectify & Resubmit

India  — XXKerala — AttingalBSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings -15.10.18No payment received in the Supreme office. 

IndiaKerala –Attingal —    BSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

IndiaXXXX Finance accounts defective– Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 16.10.18  — No Payment Received in the supreme office

IndiaKerala –Attingal —    BSNL Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit

IndiaXXXX Finance accounts defective– Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 17.10.18  — Rupees 500 only was received in the Supreme  office. 

Russia — XX — Judicial & Security accounts are defective– Fifteen students & 5 teachers were killed by a student in gun attack in Cinema.– Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 18.10.18  — No payment received in the Supreme  office. 

Afghanistan — XXX –– Judicial, Political& Security accounts defective. — Kandahar Police Chief (40) , head of Intelligence services killed in a gun attack by a body Guard. The Kandahar Governor was critically injured. This is one of the most important security incidents of the past 17 years. In which nearly the entire leadership of the province has been eliminated. — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 19.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

India — XX — Judicial, Political& Security Accounts defective. — About 59 people killed and 100 injured when a Train crashed into a crowed in India State Punjab.  — Rectify& Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings — 20.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

South Africa — XX — Highway crash kills 27 including kids. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings — 21.10.18No payment received in the Supreme office.

Nigeria — XX — Judicial, Political & Security Accounts defective —     Clashes at Market kill 55 in Nigeria. — Rectify & Resubmit

Today’s Ratings — 22.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office. 

Taiwan —XX — — Judicial, & Engineering accounts defective — Taiwan Train derailment kills 18.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings  — 23.10.18 —  No Payment Received in the Supreme office. 

IndiaXXX — Judicial & Security accounts defective. Judge’s son who was shot by security guard dies in Gurugram. The wife died few days earlier.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings — 24.10.18Rupees 520 only was received in the supreme office.

South Africa — X –  Judicial & Entertainment accounts defective.  — Hip hop star HHP Jabulani Tsambo, popularly known as HHP, died at he age of 38  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Mexico — All accounts defective — Storm Willa moving Inland after it made landfall on Mexico’s pacific coast.

Today’s Ratings — 25.10.18Rupees 150 only was received in the Supreme office.

IndiaXXXX — Finance accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaKerala — Attingal — BSNL Accounts defective. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Today’s Ratings — 26.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Jordan — X All accounts defective —  About 18 people killed in flash floods near dead sea in Jordan.

Greece — XXX —  All accounts defective — A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake caused some damage to the 13th century monastery.

Norway — XXX — Princess reveals rare lung disease since 2001. She says now she knows the reason. — Rectify & Resubmit – If not rectified will cascade down.

Today’s Ratings — 27.10.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

India — Odhisa — XX —  Seven Elephants died of electrocution.

India — Goa — XX –Political, Health & Security accounts defective.  Chief Minister suffering from Pancreatic Cancer.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

XX — Judicial, Political & Security Accounts Defective — The Gunman of Kerala minister found shot dead. — Rectify & Resubmit.


1. TODAY’S RATINGS    —-   04.09.2018

Today the Supreme office received Rs 500 only from the Government of Kerala. That too  through Lottery. This indicates , the accounts written by Jyothiraj Brahmanandan about Military and women are correct and nature compatible. It is good, the Finance people have started rectifying their mistakes. Since the amount is very low, the accounts of the Finance, Banking & Accounting people throughout the World are defective. They should accept the Liability. Other ratings are as follows.

INDIA —— XXXX —- All accounts Critically wrong.

JAPAN—— XXX—— All accounts Critically Wrong.

SYRIA—— XXX —— All Accounts wrong –Judicial &  Political Accounts Wrong

USA ——- X———– Judicial & Administration Accounts wrong

India — All Accounts  Critically Wrong. In that, particularly Engineering & Medical  accounts Critically  Wrong. . Sub Classification – Civil Engineering Accounts Critically Wrong. In recent floods 250 bridges , 35000 km roads , and about 20000 houses were destroyed. Today in Kolkata a Major Bridge collapsed. Defective Medical accounts are indicated by 40 rat fever deaths after the floods so far and another 200 confirmed cases.– Rectify & Resubmit.

Japan — All Accounts wrong. Sub Category — Engineering accounts critically wrong. Today hit by strongest typhoon in 25 years. 10 dead & 200 injured, thousands without power. A Million people are being evacuated.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Syria — All Accounts wrong — Sub Category — Judicial & Political Accounts CriticallyWrong . Russian  War Planes bombed Syria.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

USA —Judicial & Administration Accounts wrong. Supreme court Nominee Kavanaugh hearing rocked by “Mob Violence”.— Rectify & Resubmit.

2. Today’s Ratings   — 05.09.18 – No Payments were received in the Supreme Office. 

INDIA —— XXX——   Political , Administration (Economic) & Financial Accounts Critically defective. Administration & Financial  accounts at all levels have chronic defects.— Indian Rupee all time low 72, against US  Dollar – In 2011 Indian rupee was 45 against Dollar. – Rectify & Resubmit.

South Africa —  X –  Judicial & Political Accounts defective – Three Fire fighters died in a Blaze in a High rise building.– Rectify & Resubmit

Angola  — XX — Judicial & Political Accounts defective — 17 people died in Heads on Collision between two trains. — Rectify & Resubmit

Japan – XXXX —  All Accounts defective — Particularly Engineering accounts defective. Sub Category — Electrical Engineering accounts Critically defective. — Japan hit by 6.7 magnitude earthquake killing 8. About three million houses without power.  —Rectify & Resubmit.

3. Today’s Ratings  — 06.09.18   — No Payments were received in the Supreme office.

INDIA —- X—- Political Accounts defective.  — India State Thelengana Legislative Assembly dissolved 9 months before the term ends. — Rectify & Resubmit.

USA —-  A — Judicial & Entertainment Accounts Correct —-  Hollywood star Burt Reynolds dies(82).

USA — XX — Financial Accounts defective. Rectify & Resubmit.

NORTH KOREA — XXXX  — All accounts defective. Particularly Political, Judicial,& Engineering accounts defective .– Sub Category — Civil Engineering accounts Critically defective. –Heavy Floods Killed 76. Another 75 missing. Most of them Children. Several Houses destroyed.  About 800 multi storied buildings damaged. Rectify & Resubmit.

4. Today’s Ratings  —- 07.09.18  —No Payments were received in the Supreme office.

INDIA – XXXX — All Accounts defective  — Particularly Political, Finance  & Engineering accounts defective. Sub Category — Civil Engineering Accounts Critically defective. — Warning — Following the Floods in Kerala, the State is going to face severe drought. Water Table phenomenon in all the Rivers.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

INDIA — XX — Finance & Banking Accounts defective  – Rectify & Resubmit.

Ethiopia   — XX – Judicial & Engineering accounts defective — Sub category  Civil Engineering Accounts Critically Defective  — Preliminary investigations show Ethiopian Chief dam engineer killed himself. He was in charge of Country’s $4.7Bn Hydro Electric project(6000 megawatt). This is  equivalent to 6 nuclear power plant capacity. — Rectify & Resubmit.

5. Today’s Ratings — 08.09.18 — Only Rupees 40 was received in the Supreme office.

India — XX — Engineer’s Accounts defective – Specific Category – Electrical Engineering Accounts defective. — In the recent floods the working of 6 power houses were affected. The State is facing a shortage of 750 Mega Watts Electricity. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Japan — XXX — Political & Judicial Accounts defective. — The death toll in recent earth quake rises to 30 — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaA — Political & Administration – Even though several Economic policies are critically defective, the Petrol pricing policy was found to be correct.

India —-XXXX — Industrial & Finance Accounts defective — India showed more than 8% growth in GDP, but the King (Chief) is getting in his Credit Rupees 60 perday only. Rectify & Resubmit.

BUSINESSXXXX — Business & Finance  Accounts defective. — Apple and Amazon Crossed Trillion USD Mark of Market Value. But the King (Chief) is getting in his Credit at the Supreme Office, Rupees 60 per day. Rectify & Resubmit.

6. Today’s ratings — 09.09.18No Payments were received in The Supreme office.

Security  – XXXX —  Warning  – Security Accounts of all Presidents or equals defective. –   – Moldovan President’s Car hit by overtaking Lorry. The President Igor Dodon is Hospitalized with Injuries. This comes hours after Gennady Gugulia, the Prime Minister of Abkhazia , a Russian Backed republic died in a Car Crash. Such things are the aims of the Rebels. – Rectify & Resubmit.

India — Computer, Finance & Banking Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

India – XXXX – Political, AdministrationAutomobile Accounts have Chronic defects. — Rectify & Resubmit

7. Today’s Ratings — 10.09.18   — No Payments were received in the Supreme Office.

India — XXX — Finance, Banking & Security Accounts defective. — HDFC Bank Vice President (39) murdered. HDFC Bank is the largest Bank in India in terms of Market Capitalization, with more than 85000 employees, Head quarters in Mumbai. — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXXX   — All Accounts defective — Warning — 3.7 magnitude Earthquake twice today in nearby places to India Capital New Delhi. Tremors felt in Delhi — Rectify & Resubmit.

USA — XXXX — All accounts defective — Warning  –Florence now a Category four  storm with 183 kmph winds, gaining strength & Approaching US East Coast. Strongest storm to hit the region in two decades.   — Rectify & Resubmit.

Automobiles – XXX — The German Car Maker Volkswagen fined one Billion  Euro by over diesel scandal. Shareholders seek compensation f0r 9.2 bn in damages. — Rectify & Resubmit.

China — XXX — All accounts defective — Heavy Floods in China beginning August 17, left 13 dead and an estimated damage of $1.34 Billion. Killed 250000 pigs. — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XX – Business & Finance Accounts defective — Today Mumbai share market Index SENSEX fell by 468 points. Total loss 1.96 Lakh Crore rupees.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

8. Today’s Ratings — 11.09.18No payments were received in the Supreme office.

India – Thelegana — XXX — Political, Judicial & Administration accounts defective.– About 50 people killed in a Bus accident in Thengana.— Rectify & Resubmit

India — XXXX — Business, Finance & Banking Accounts Chronic & Critical defects.  — Mumbai Share Market Index SENSEX fell by 509 point. The total loss to the Investors Today is about 2 lakh crore rupees.— Rectify & Resubmit

Nigeria — XXX — Political & Judicial Accounts defective — About 35 people dead in Gas Tanker explosion. — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXX — Engineering Accounts defective -Specific Category Electronics Engineering accounts defective. – In the recent floods the Electronic & other House hold Equipment in about 40000 houses were destroyed. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Libiya — XXXX  – Political & Judicial Accounts defective — About 100 migrants drowned last week. — Over 1500 drowned this year so far .– Rectify & Resubmit.

9. Today’s Ratings — 12.09.2018No Money was received in the Supreme office.

India – Kerala – XX — Educational & Engineering accounts defective. — In Kerala Technical University students on strike for 7 days. Those who failed in the University Examination got 90% marks when revalued! The height of inefficiency & Malpractices  — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — Kerala — XXXX — All accounts defective  – From the Supreme office , messages were sent to correct the defective accounts for years together. For the last 7 years all accounts of the Supreme office are error free. No one showed interest in this. No substantial support was received.  In the last 8 months no money was received in the Supreme office. Everyone till August 10 told every thing all right. Now on September 12, The Government is saying  – Kerala needs 479635 crore rupees as flood relief.— Rectify & Resubmit.

India   — Assam, West Bengal, Orrisa, Hariyana — XXXX — All accounts defective — Warning — Magnitude 5.5 earth quake in all these states. Third day in a row in Haryana — Rectify & Resubmit.

Philippines — XXXX — All accounts defective — Philippines preparing to brace strong typhoon Mangkhut. About 10 million people on its way, at risk.— Rectify & Resubmit.

World – All Countries —  Administration — XXX — One in 9 persons under nourished — UN . There is enough food produced for all the people in the World.  — Supreme office. Rectify & Resubmit.

World – All Countries — Medical  & Administration  — XX — 1 in 5 Males & 1 in 6 Women will have Cancer during their life time. About 18 Million new cancer cases expected this year. — UN — Rectify & Resubmit.

10. Today’s Ratings — 13.09.18 No Money was received in the Supreme Office.

Zimbabwe  —  XXX — Judicial, Medical & Administration accounts defective. — State of emergency in Capital Harare after 20 people died of Cholera. At least 2000 cases have been registered. — Rectify & Resubmit

11. Today’s Ratings  — 14.09.18No Payments received in the Supreme office.

India — West Bengal — XXXX — Political, Judicial, Medical, Administration accounts defective.— Fourteen dead bodies of new born babies, wrapped in plastic bags unearthed. — Rectify & Resubmit.

12. Today’s Ratings —- 15.09.18 —  Only 78 rupees was received in the Supreme office.

India — XXXX – Political, Finance & Administration accounts defective.—  Indian Rupee, the worst performing currency in Asia . — Rectify & Resubmit.

Australia — XXXX — All accounts defective — Monster Cyclone Debbie makes landfall in Australia with 260 Kilo Meters per Hour. — Rectify & Resubmit.

13. Today’s Ratings — 16.09.18   – No payment received in the Supreme Office.

Indonesia —  XX — Medical & Administration Accounts defective — 137 Infected with Malaria in Indonesia’s earthquake hit Lombok.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

14. Today’s Ratings — 17.09.18  – No Payment received in the Supreme office.

NewZeland — XXX  — Medical & Administration Accounts defective. — About 46% of NewZeland Men and a third of women are likely to develop Cancer — WHO   — Rectify & Resubmit.

Japan — XXXX — Political, Finance, Administration Accounts defective.  — Quake damage in recent Earth Quake in Hokkuido,  farm, forestry, fishing sector estimated to be about 40 billion Yen. — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXXX – Political, Business, Finance Accounts defective — Bombay stock market Index SENSEX Crashed 505 points. The total loss today to the investors is 1.14 Lakh crore rupees.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

15. Today’s Ratings  — 18.09.18

NewZeland — XXX — Political, Administration& Finance  Accounts defective  — Farmers in Eastern & Central North Island lost about  100000 lambs in Spring Storm with an economic hit of $ 14.4 Million. This is the biggest loss in 35 years.

India  — XXXX — Political, Business, Finance & Administration Accounts defective. — India share market Index SENSEX down by 294 points. Investors lost 2.72 lakh Crore rupees in last two days.

Keniya — XXX — Judicial, Political,Medical & Security Accounts defective.—Corpses of 12 infants stuffed in boxes found during surprise visit by Governor of Nairobi. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Nigeria —  XXXX — Judicial, Political,Finance & Administration accounts defective. —   Massive floods in Nigeria as rivers overflow. Damages to the tune of $8.3 Million & 100 deaths.

16. Today’s Ratings — 19.09.18No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Congo  — XXXX — All accounts defective — About 91 killed so far since August 1 by Ebola Virus. Now not under control. — Rectify & Resubmit.

China — XXX — All accounts defective — Super Typhoon  Mangkhut hits China. Over 2.45 Million people evacuated.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Philippines — XXX – Judicial, Political & all other accounts defective. —  64 dead in Philippines Typhoon.– Rectify & Resubmit.

Yemen –  XXXX — All accounts defective  –Total 5 million children in Yemen face famine. They do not know when their next meal will come. — save the Children charity — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXXX  — Political, Business, Finance, Administration & Computerized Banking accounts defective –India share market Index dropped by 169 points today. The Investor’s Wealth eroded by 3.62 lakh crore rupees in 3 days.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

17. Today’s Ratings — 20.09.18  — No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Timor — XXX — Political, Administration & Medical Accounts defective. —  Half of the Population stunted by malnutrition.  — Rectify & Resubmit

Tanzania — XXX — Judicial, Political & Medical Accounts defective — About 136 people dead in Lake Victoria ferry disaster.   — Rectify & Resubmit

18. Today’s Ratings — 21.09.18 —  No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

Vietnam  — XXXX All accounts defective. — Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang died(61) on Friday. His role as President was largely ceremonial.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXXX — Judicial, Political,  Administration & Medical Accounts defective.  — 11 Kids die of diphtheria in 13 days, in Delhi Hospital.  All victims under 9 yrs.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

India — XXXX –Political, Business, Finance , Banking, Administration accounts defective. — Bombay stock market index down by 280 points. Investor wealth Rupees 5.6 lakh crore wiped out in last 4 days.

19. Today’s Rating’s  — 22.09.18Only Rupees 32 was received in the Supreme office.

Iran — XXXX — Political, Military, Judicial accounts defective. — About 25 killed on attack in Iran Parade  — Rectify & Resubmit

20. Today’s Ratings — 23.09.18No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

India — Andhra Pradesh — XX — Judicial, Political & Security Accounts defective – – Former MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and sitting MLA shot dead. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Afghanistan — XXXXAll Accounts defective — Eight Afghan Children killed , playing with unexploded mortar shell. More than 3000 children were killed or wounded in 2017 — Rectify & Resubmit.

Afghanistan — XXX –– Judicial, Political, Administration Accounts defective.— Bus truck collision kills 15 in Western Afghanistan.  — Rectify & Resubmit.

21. Today’s Ratings — 24.09.18   No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Taiwan  — All accounts defective.  —  Typhoon Trami approaching Taiwan. It could be a Super Typhoon. Expected to hit Taiwan Friday or Saturday with wind speed upto 270 kmph. — Rectify & Resubmit

India —  XXXX — Political, Business, Finance, Administration Accounts defective. — Sensex fell by 536 points. Investor wealth Rupees 8.5 lakh crore rupees wiped out in last 5 days.  — Rectify & Resubmit

22. Today’s Ratings — 25.09.18  — No Payment received in the Supreme office.

India —  XXX — Swine Flue out break in Northern and Western Maharashtra claim 63 lives in 3 Months. Rectify & Resubmit

USA & Madagascar — XXX — Judicial & Security accounts defective — US Diplomat found dead in Madagascar  — Rectify & Resubmit.

UK & Thailand — XX — Judicial & Security accounts defective. — UK Millionaire and wife murdered in Thailand  — Rectify & Resubmit.

23. Today’s Ratings —  26.09.18  No Payment received in the Supreme office.

 India  — XXXX   – Finance Accounts defective. – Rectify & Resubmit

24. Today’s Ratings. — 27.09.18  No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

France — XXXX — Security Accounts defective — Police Chief Stabbed to Death in the Middle of the Street.

Computer — XXXX – All Computer Accounts defective — Rectify & Resubmit.

25. Today’s Ratings — 28.09.18 No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

Greece & Turkey — XX — All Accounts defective — Medicane on Track to hit Europe. Areas of Greece and Turkey will be hit with heavy rains and very strong wind. – Rectify & Resubmit

Cameroon — XXX — Judicial & Political accounts defective.–  Escalating Violence in Cameroon killed 400 this year.- Amnesty International. — Rectify & Resubmit.

Japan — XXX — All accounts defective. —  Typhoon Trami Entering Japan on Friday Night. This is the fifth Typhoon to hit the Country’s main Island since July. The damage expected is nominal because of preparedness. — Rectify & Resubmit

Indonesia — XXXX — All accounts defective —  Tsunami upto two meters high hit a small city on the Indonesian Island after a major 7.5 Earth quake.  — Rectify & Resubmit

26. Today’s Ratings29.09.18  — No Payment received in the Supreme office.

Indonesia — XXXX — All accounts defective — About 380 killed in Earth Quake & Tsunami — Rectify & Resubmit

USA — XXXX – All accounts defective. — Hurricane Rosa with winds 120 mph will affect Southern California by Weekend.  — Rectify & Resubmit

India — Kerala — Trichur — XXXX – All Accounts defective. Particularly Political & Administration accounts defective. — Minor Earth Quake in Trichur District.

India XXXX Business, Finance & Banking — All accounts defective. – Rectify & Resubmit.

Afghanistan —  XXXX — All accounts defective — About 1640 killed and about 1100 injured in August attack in Afghanistan

27. Today’s Ratings — 30.09.18 —  No Payment Received in the Supreme office.

Indonesia — XXXX  — All Accounts defective — About 830 dead in Earth Quake & Tsunami — Rectify & Resubmit.

IndiaXXXXBusiness, Finance & Banking —  All Accounts defective  — Rectify & Resubmit.

Till the rectified accounts are received in this office, the Respective account holders will not be posted any credits.

Now most of the Major countries are facing Floods, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Cyclones, famines  etc. These are due to Celestial displeasure at the Supreme office, due to wrong accounts in the field. In most of the cases these cannot be averted unless with great efforts. You can prevent, but cannot avert. In this regard it is worth noting, the preceding and succeeding events in this category. The Celestial Displeasure will cause harm such as Serious Disease or Death to the Priest,  Minister etc of the country. If this is not corrected & approved  at the Supreme office, that will lead to Natural Disasters. Even after the Natural Disasters, the Countries are  not interested in corrections, that will lead to the Death of the King.(the person in power). Says Sage Varaha Mihira.  At present, since Jyothiraj Brahmanandan is looking after the Accounts of the King, the last eventuality , the Death of the King  is not likely to happen in majority of the cases. He has an error free record of about past 20 years in this case. The situation may change in a later date, if the Situation in the Supreme office is not improved.  The situation in the Supreme office has reached almost rock bottom. In case of Death of the King, the Enemy will occupy the Position.

This apportionment of Liabilities will continue in the coming days also.

All rectification works throughout the World , including India and Medical Emergencies will be delayed due to the Works of the Rebels and non availability of people of required caliber. They are disabled.  These cases will be dealt with separately. The Rebels will not be eligible for any future Credits. Their previous Credits are also made null & Void.

Jyothiraj Brahmanandan

Master Black Belt ( Six Sigma)

Chitra Guptha (King)


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