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This Supreme Office contains the Office of the Chitra Guptha (Kings & Rulers). It is here the deeds, Life and actions of the Kings & Rulers and those related to them are assessed, valued and settled. In the present context, the revaluation of the cases of Kings and Rulers are also done here. Jyothiraj Brahmanandan is a sharpshooter in the Judgement of Longevity, the most important calculation, because the life changes with good deeds and Bad Deeds. His assessments match with the calculations of Sage Brighu done several thousand years before. Come to us We will give you the Ultimate Success in life. Liberation. Moksha from rebirths. The decisions of this office are Final without any appeal.


The Souls after death passes through several Worlds facing several Hardships depending on the actions in the previous birth. You came to this world alone and after death you leave this world alone. You have to convince your deeds of your actions  as per accounts, alone at these worlds and face penalty for Bad Deeds.. As a client of this office you are assured priority treatment with minimum of Hardships , a thing nobody else can assure you.


In a day about 150000 Deaths are happening around the world, in 196 Countries , with 196 heads of States, with total population of 7000000000 excluding Animals, Birds, and other living beings. The accounts of HABITS(Humans, Animals, Birds, Insects ,Trees and Sea life) are settled at Web Speed . About  330000 Human of Births are also happening. The accounts are controlled by controlling the Key accounts at Web Speed. It is through this office , the new life is coming into this world. The accounts that need corrections only are retrieved and corrections done.

The journey after death is not a Matter of Joke for the Souls. They have to pass through difficult and fierce 16 Trial Tracks in 16 Different worlds all alone before the final Trial. With the help of the Authenticated accounts of this office, we ensure safe passage of the Souls and attainment of Moksha (Liberation, final success in life.).



This is a Site functioning on Spiritual and Supra Spiritual powers also. So some of the concepts may not be explained in modern analytical way. Hence if you want to use our Services, watch the functiong of the site for several days, get convinced and come to us.



The fact that you are reading these lines shows the fact that you are tuned to the spiritual Powers of the Highest order.This is because of LUCK( The result of good deeds done in the prevoius birth). It is also because, you are Labouring Under Correct Knowledge. If you need any corrections , contact us.



Anyone who thinks gets convinced of the life after death.

Our aim is to prompt you think and act.


If you are feeling pain or facing difficulties , that is an indication that your ancestor’s accounts are stuck in this office. Or it may be because of your actions in the past births.


Justice will be done, whatever be the time it takes, wherever you are.


Come to us, we will locate your faulty account and Rectify the same suggesting  remedial actions.

Note: The Royal pavilion do not have any connection with the Kidithattu Devaswom Committee, and none of their decisions or avtivities have any connection with this office.


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